Automaton Software LTD strives to make money though it's premium scripts. The script respiratory provides few "free" scripts that are lower quality. In addition, the customers must pay though a choose method of payment such as Google Checkout, Amazon or Paypal. The staff will pay it's sellers, but with a small commission fee kept for site's benefit, and personal gain. Payments are often delayed if possible or when an plausible excuse is made. gay

DDoSing is commonly refereed to hacking. It is the situation where one's connection is flooded with attempts to retrieve resources so other users or the individual cannot access them. The can be related to one of the status updates the company posted on Facebook in reference to one doing a favor for one another. In this case, the favor would be to "DDoS your friends". Here is a cached version of the status update from Google since it has been deleted by the company: [here].


  • Powerbot, leading RuneScape cheating since 2006
  • RSBuddy or RSButty? RSBot or RSBetter?
  • Meet real friends, not RS buddies
  • Powerbot is 100% better than RSBuddy
  • RSBot V3.0 is the revolution of RuneScape cheating that is perfected in every way
  • A flexible, easy to use static API with a fast and efficient concurrent dispatching system
  • Smart random solving though advanced Java programming
  • QuantumStep for randomly generated paths whilst avoiding obstacles and interacting
  • Fast technical support via the forums and IRC
  • Open source and virus free
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